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Stomach was growling, Adam had decided to go to lunch. The path from the Ever Locked Room to the Entry Chamber was a set path and one that Adam had walked too many times to count in his years at the ministry. So, trusting his ears to guide him, he hadn’t bothered with his support cane. Therefore, no tappity-tap-tapping announced his presence.

As he had approached the Entry Chamber, he had heard it spinning and paused to wait for it to stop. Perhaps his ears were playing tricks on him, but he could have sworn he heard his name. Odd…why would someone be calling for him? His heart began hammering in his chest. He wondered briefly if Reil was calling out for him. Maybe he would take a brief side-trip to the Thought Chamber before he headed out to the food court for lunch. Just to make sure that the encephalons weren’t restless or up to something again.

As he opened the door, the room immediately set to spinning again. Out of habit, Adam closed his eyes as he waited for the room to stop spinning again. Only…

What was that sent in the air? It was familiar. He sniffed and turned slightly, but the spinning room made locating and identifying the smell difficult.
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