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So...he walked here to walk away...? Right. Lex didn't know how things worked over in IMC and didn't want to but it was evident by the man's actions that that lot had more time on their hands to waste than any unit in her own department combined. Did she envy him? Hardly. Must have been outright boring if you were willing to head all the way to another department just to turn around and offer to send reports after.

If she ever got that bored, she'd go cause crime down in London herself--or kidnap her husband...admittedly the better and less controversial option. One that would keep her in this line of employment.

Again, Lex shrugged, not particularly bothered by his choice either way. "Like I said, do what you want." But if he was leaving, then so was she. At no point did she feel the need to acknowledge his ignorant comment on her door. It didn't surprise her that he just "wouldn't get it" and she saw no point in wasting or exerting any sort of energy on him. Instead, Lex turned as well and headed back the way she'd come.

Next stop, Level 3.
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