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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Ursula had finally managed to get some free time in order to practice her spellwork which as a Memory Restoration Specialist, was crucial in her opinion. As she entered the room, she spotted Bambi and what was her name? Angie?

"Hey there! Bambi, you'll get there on the Concealment Charm. I think you did pretty well. Only three deceased butterflies and at least fifty still thriving is a very good achievement." Ursula turned to the young woman whose name was unfamiliar and smiled at her. "I'm Ursula Agan and I'm a Memory Restoration Specialist. You're Angie? Sorry if I've got the name wrong."

Originally Posted by Daemon View Post

Bambi was distracted by her own butterfly display, so much that a moment or two passed before she remembered she'd asked the woman a question. They really were quite stunning creatures, weren't they? Mesmerising, with their colourful wings and energetic flapping. Nature's very own models. A throwback to her own career prior to moving to live a more lowkey lifestyle in the Ministry.

Ah, another obliviator. Bambi didn't much care for that division. No disrespect to any obliviators, they were astoundingly talented with their magic, but she didn't like tampering with memories. Not one bit. "It's nice to meet you, Angelica." Bambi offered her a Dazzling™ smile, and was about to further inquire into her life and her new job when Ursula appeared...

... and insulted her.


The freckled blonde's eyes narrowed, and her hand tightened on her wand. "My concealment charms kept the World Cup undetectable to half a million muggles," her voice was cheery enough, but there was an icy air to it that was unmistakable. And if Agan wanted the statistic, she had it in her files. She could provide the receipts. "I'm currently working on micro-concealments of moving objects, a far more delicate undertaking."

Honestly, what a rude woman.
While it was nice meeting Bambi for like the ten seconds Angelica was in the room the mood completely changed when it was of those two entered the room. Did she just.....


She just insulted both of them in a matter of seconds. It basically looked like she was being condescending to Bambi and then using the nickname she doesn't like.


And it was Agan...good to know. Ah she was a memory restorator. Um maybe she should just leave because she could feel the tension in the air...hopefully it dies down but right now well...

"Angelica, oh right i forgot the world cup was here. Did both of you go?"

She was not much of a quidditch fan and really in Saint Petersburg it was easy to forget about the game. Bambi obviously just said so, but Angelica wanted to change the subject quickly.
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