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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
There was a smile forming on Anya's lips. Angelica was definitely speaking her language. "Can't believe you're reading my mind," the brunette said. Anya was joking, of course. Because if Angelica was actually reading her mind, the astronomer would have easily shut her away. It had been a while since Anya practiced occlumency, but that didn't mean she'd forgotten how. "Sometimes I'd just buy men's shirts for the comfort." An oversized shirt tucked into jeans was one of her favourite lazy day outfits.

She was still deciding between a white shirt or a black shirt. Both very safe colours to wear with whatever bottoms she had at home. She could even buy both but that was too much, don't you think?

"Perfect. Don't wander too far off, though. It can get real "Daedalus' Labyrinth" down there." Anya had gotten lost a few times already, but she'd gotten her way around now. Or at least, she knew where her chamber was along with the decompression chamber, Mr. Flamsteed's office, and the chamber of codes. Other than those important places, she probably shouldn't snoop into other chambers.
If they were being serious about the mind reading. Angelica was no Occlumens or what its call, she couldn't read minds at all. She never tried or had an inclination of learning. She was already good with the brain magic she had to go regularly anyway. Wiping memories and all. "Good shirt to wear to bed is all im saying" Angelica's eyes where more on the black shirt since it was harder to look bad in black even if it was just you at home with it on but white worked also. Both not as terrible as the jumper.

Hmm...she will have to remember that...but she was just doing to ask whoever she say down there anyway for instructs on probably getting to Flamsteeds office and going from there. Seem like the safe option. Since she would rather not have to mess with the Department of Mysteries at all.

"Thanks for the warning. Ill be sure to ask where you are located before the coffe then"

She has something to look forward to now at least. Besides training in the well training room in Accidents & Catastrophe.
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