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No, it was actually her gamble to take. However, he wasn’t going to sit here and play chicken. It wasn't professional and he just wasn't in the mood to do it. If he wanted to keep playing games, he would have kept working for the ICW. If she wanted to let people who weren’t supposed to be in the country wander around causing who-knows-what kind of problems than that was her prerogative. After all, it was her department who was going to have to deal with it. He had been trying to be nice and proactive about it and if she didn’t want to hear his report about the increase in identify theft and other issues going on regarding illegal actives in Britain? Fine. He’d send her an interdepartmental airplane at some point.

After all, his time was money too. And right now he very much wanted to get rid of these books and find something to eat or drink or perhaps even throw. ”Very well,” he hefted up the large law book and scrolls in his arms as he watched her with the door. His smile was still plastered on his face, albeit a little smaller. ”Good luck with the door,” he said simply, inclining his head towards the wood. ”Might want to try the handle.” And yes, as soon as Conley said the words, he was sure she was going to spit back that there were wards on it or finally hit him with that bat boogey hex. But this was not his circus, not his monkeys.

In fact, he had his own monkeys to deal with right now. He turned heading for the door and called back over his shoulder. ”I’ll send you the reports.” What was one more report to write? He already was going to be sending out reports to MACUSA and the French and Indian ministries.
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