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Interesting, they needed to make a small sacrifice to the lake to get Excalibur. What did she have that she could sacrifice? Most of her school supplies were not waterproof and wouldn’t mean enough to her for it to be a sacrifice, so that was out. She observed Daisy and Tina both sacrifice jewelry items. The only jewelry she was wearing was her medical alert bracelet that identified her as a type 1 diabetic, and wearing it was of utmost importance for her safety. Cordelia couldn’t give up her insulin pump or any of her other diabetes supplies as those were literally a matter of life or death and also not waterproof enough to submerge in a lake. Those would probably be a worthy sacrifice, but her life was more important than a class activity. It sounded like Arthur had eventually given his life to the Lady of the Lake in this legend. What she needed to sacrifice was something that represented her life, but not anything that by sacrificing would actually end her life. Cordelia pulled out her unicorn diabetes supply case and opened it up. She took out her lancing device that she used to test her blood sugar, put the needle end to her finger, and pressed the button to prick her finger. Removing the lancing device and placing in back in her supply case, Cordelia squeezed a single drop of blood onto her finger. ”The lake demands a sacrifice!” She shouted dramatically. Cordelia squatted down by the lake and touched her bloody finger to the water, then swirled it around a bit to make sure the blood came off in the water. Her blood was something that she needed to live, and testing her blood sugar with it was one part of what she needed to do to be her own endocrine pancreas to keep herself alive. Blood represented her life in many ways. Soon enough, a hand presented her a miniature Excalibur. Cordelia grinned as she accepted the sword. The lake accepted blood sacrifices! She wondered if the professor had intended for the lake to accept blood. The lake could keep her blood sacrifice at the end of the lesson. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good finger prick, Cordelia got the rest of testing supplies out, put a test strip into her blood glucose meter, and squeezed her finger again to get enough blood from her finger to the test strip. A few seconds later, the number appeared on the screen of her meter. All good. Now, what did she know about Arthur’s knights? ”Sir Percival is known for being one of the knights to quest for the Holy Grail in some legends.” Beyond that…. She couldn’t actually think of any other stories related to Sir Percival. ”Morded, who in some legends if Arthur’s illegitimate son, eventually kills Arthur.” Mordred was not a knight, but there was only so much Arthurian legend she could remember. In the end they were all stupid and betrayed and killed each other or something like that.
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