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Squirreled away in the what now?

Malachi stopped dead in his tracks, turning to give the creature professor a strange sort of confused look. Was that one of the things they'd discussed at the last staff meeting? Had he been so out of it that he never got that memo? Of course, he understood that they were cramped for space and in dire need of housing for their creatures just.....the Room of Requirement? Huh?

"What sort of set up d'you--" The second time the man called him, Malachi did become more alert. It was the urgency with which Cornish spoke. It told him something was happening and he was missing it...whatever it was.

The Headmaster instinctively looked to the top of the corridor. They'd already come from the other way. His mind told him that if there was anything to be alert about, it would be coming from....the other....direction.........

The man felt all the blood drain to his feet. "Cornish?" There was an unfinished question in there, one he just couldn't begin to brain at the moment but it was there.
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