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She had to agree with Alexander - the mist did make her feel like she was underwater. Except most oceans were clear enough that it was possible to see things, obviously. And the fact that much was known and being studied about the aquatic environment made the exploration less... frightening.

Anyway, taking samples. Carrie nodded at her bosses' words - she could do that. Just pretend that this is the Great Lake and you are collecting plant samples for a Herbology project. The Great Lake. Was it affected by the mist? It was one of her favourite places at school, along with her common room, which she knew was filled with the mist and inaccessible to students. The thought filled her with sympathy for the inhabitants of the castle again and she put on her gloves with determination.

"I'm taking some leaf litter, if uh, if that's okay," she told the team, to let them know what she was doing... and also to check that she was doing the right thing. Plant litter could be useful in investigating ecological productivity, yeah? There were not many alive plants here at all, but there were a few leaves and twigs here and there on the ground. She crouched down and picked up a dead leaf with a gloved hand, observing its colour and texture.
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