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Investigating a mysterious, persistent mist was not something Elizabeth had expected to need to do in her job as a research and development botanist. Seemed like the sort of thing that was more the climate controllers’ expertise, you know? Magical weather alterations were in their job description after all. Perhaps this task was just too big for the climate control subdivision to deal with themselves. Here she was, a botanist, out here in the field in a very different way than her usual work. A chill went down Elizabeth’s spine as she approached the gates to the school. It had been many years since she had last seen hogwarts and this was not at all what she had hoped to see here. Both of her daughters had attended Hogwarts and although they had both graduated and were off in the world, Elizabeth still clearly remembered what kind of terrors her children had faced, the worry she had felt for them, the tears the girls had shed when they told her about the scary and terrible things that had happened here. Right now Eizabeth was so worried for the safety of those children. Most of all she sympathized with the parents whose babies were trapped behind this mist. Did they know about the mist? She had an eerie feeling from all this mist. Right, time to get to work. At the department head’s order, Elizabeth put on her dragonhide gloves and got her sample phials ready. Squatting down, Elizabeth plucked some grass and placed it in a phial. Was this mist affecting the plant life? It was difficult to say for sure what it might be doing to the vegetation further into the grounds. With the cold, some of the warmth loving plants were probably dying. Weird how the mist was only on the school grounds. ”Think we’ll be able to do any tests on the mist itself?” There was definitely something not right about that mist.
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