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Ah, boring bureaucratic things then. Not something she would ever be in a rush to discuss and by his offer to return at another point, it didnít sound like something he was in too much of a rush to discuss either. Brilliant. Alexa turned to her door again, wary of any physical attempts to pry it open but seeing no other way. What a fix.

Her right shoulder rose in a half shrugging motion, the indifference almost palpable as it settled between them.

ďCome back if you want to. Not sure the next time Iíll be free and in office but itís your gamble to take.Ē If he didnít want to have this conversation now, she would take herself down to Level 3 again. Perhaps this time someone of use would be able to get this situation sorted.

Feeling her frustration rising, the woman made the decision to take a step away from her door again, just to avoid doing anything rash.
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