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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Today was a nice day at the ministry for Angelica. Tho know that she thought this she was going to jinx herself but it was worth it. But she needed to work on her wand-work and figured a trip to the training room was needed. She walked into the room with a smile on her face just having a coffee from level ten.

Was good too. Which surprised her.

Oh..someone was already in here and seemed to be really really focusing...should she say hello...or just quietly walk by and let her do her thing what ever it was.

"Cute Butterflies"

Oops, she said something
She smelled that strong odour of that unhealthy beverage that people so unwisely choose to put in their bodies coffee before she noticed anyone come in, and wishes she'd brewed herself a nice cup of rooibos. It had an even better smell than coffee did, it was vastly better for the human body, and with almond milk it's a heavenly delight.

Bambi was then abruptly pulled from her tea fantasies when the woman spoke. "Hmm? Oh, yes. I'm doing my best not to kill them," the blonde said with a chuckle, and lifted the concealment charm she was working on so all the butterflies she'd conjured suddenly came into view. Three were dead, and she looked down at their pretty little wings with a pang of sadness, but the fifty or so remaining were quite a marvelous sight to behold.

"Are you one of the new department hires?" Bambi could only assume, because the woman certainly wasn't in her division. She'd have seen her by now, and given her the same lecture she offered everyone on coffee. Awful, caffeine riddled devil drink.
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