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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
She was lost, AGAIN, whoops! The newly ministry employed woman was getting lost very easy in this crazy ministry set up. Had she ever been to the ministry before getting employed, most likely, but did she remember which way to take a lift or even where her desk was even after a few weeks, well no.

Was she going to ask anyone for help, oh hell no, she wasn't going to look dumb even though she felt it, so instead of asking she just kept walking around until she had found a person standing in a room alone, but the minute she walked into the room Topanga wanted to walk right back out. 'Oh, Hey boss, what's going on?" Topango wasn't lost, nope, she was right where she needed to be but she just needed to find the excuse as to why she was there when she was going to need that answer as soon as boss lady asked.
A better organization system might be the first thing Kendra needed to put in place before renewing any of the equipment. And she was just looking over some of the licensing paperwork, thinking about how best to be better efficient with it all when a voice made her look up.

"Oh. Topanga, hello." Kendra wasn't expecting to see someone from the floo division in the apparition classroom, but maybe she was looking for her or needed something. She gave her a small, polite smile. "Was there something I could help you with?" She trusted that she was also settling in nicely.
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