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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Anya was aware she had just said she wouldn't likely get anything from the displays but right now, she was reconsidering. Angelica's comment elicited a light-hearted laugh from the astronomer. The jumpers weren't her style but what if she bought one just for the sake of having a good laugh. Besides, she was a properly employed adult who could pay for what she needed and wanted. Reconsidering...reconsidering....

"A pin would be a thousand times more subtle," the brunette replied. Which, as Angelica perhaps already knew, wasn't Anya's thing. Subtle? Never. Anya didn't do subtle especially if they were for laughs.

Cool places in the ministry, hmm? Anya gave that question some thought, half a second long. "Came across the muggle technology centre last time. It's adorable how some people have the ooooh look on their faces at the sight of microwaves and vending machines," she shared. Being muggle-born, she knew how the machines worked but she preferred watching others trying to figure out their mechanisms. "Also heard from a colleague about a coffee club by the courtrooms. Maybe we should check that one out next time." It seemed mysterious and Anya liked that.
Shame, Angelica didn't realize how care free Anya was. Not even thinking she would be something just for a laugh. Tho the obliviator would laugh seeing Anya in one with a pin on her chest.

"More subtle but still almost as bad"

But at this point she knew Anya was as subtle as a bull in a china closet which still felt she has to say it. Didnt realize there was a muggle tech center here. Was it used primarily by pure-bloods since you could just exit the ministry and bam all the muggle tech you need. She giggled. "pure bloods learning to use a microwave"Oh a coffe shop. She was always up for some since she was always tired.

"Genius thinking putting on by a courthouse. They need it the most and that sounds like fun"

Now she was probably going to get some when her shift ended.
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