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Well at least Kat was here and he didn't drink more from the bottle he keeps at his desk. If they make it out of this he will buy drinks for her and his whole department. Don't look at him, this was way way out of Alexander Brian's area of expertise. He was good with being out on and in the water and everything related. Not being on school grounds and deal with a mist that looked like it had a mind of its own. When they actually go in the mist he and his team could be useful.

Right now not so much. Ok Kat was getting her department ready so it was only a matter of it before he had to say something and since Olly had the decision it was time to get this show on the road...preferably as far away from the school as possible. But as we know, not possible. Nice if they could run away and say see ya Hogwarts. Good Luck but cant.

As he said, Responsibility Sucked.

"Looks like it wants to grab us, spooky stuff..ALRIGHT SAMPLES EVERYONE..and get your mind ready for if we have to go in"

Even the juniors could take samples. Should be no problem. Talking mostly to his division but really the sentiment could be related to everyone here. Since that was settled he took some careful steps closer to the gate to see what the mist would do with his wand out of course. Leading by recklessness or example.

You decide
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