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Kat was paying extra attention to the movement of the mist, but Quentin kneeling down nearby made her look at him for a moment with an eyebrow raised. Herbology...wasn't exactly her strongest subject. It worked hand-in-hand with her exceptional knowledge in potions, but other than that and finding suitable alternatives to the lack of an ingredient, she didn't know that much. The botanists had better skills in that matter, and so the blond made a mental note to ask for more information on what Quentin deduced from the pinch of soil. All information, at this point, were necessary.

She then turned her focus back at the mist to observe its movements. Her grasp tightened around her wand as she watched the ghostly tendrils try to reach out for them through the gaps of the gate. Kat didn't know the extent of this mist's threats, but there were a few spells she had in mind in case anything went out of hand. And yes, she was aware that it might have seemed like a trial-and-error case. The only thing she was certain of was that her team had already proved that this mist wasn't some weather disturbance. That alone had already cancelled out a bunch of counter-spells on the list.

"The mist looks contained. Bound to the grounds." Kat's eyebrows furrowed at one of the ghostly tendrils, like it was mocking her. She glanced sideways at Olly then gave her a nod of agreement to her instruction, before looking for wherever that snapping sound came from. Probably from the inside. The blond decided that she did not like this. Not one bit. But her school friends had children inside that castle along with their classmates. Innocent kids. She was a parent herself, and she knew how worrying it could be.

She was actively going to ignore the fact that they might have to gather samples from inside the grounds later. She was dreading it already.

However they had an initial job to do, so Kat glanced at her team and gave then a signalling nod to get to work. She sent the plant removal specialists to work with and assist Archer's team of botanists, but kept her fellow rangers and the climate controllers nearby to make sure the mist stayed right where it was, behind the gates. The blond joined them in as a group of them set up the necessary atmospheric equipment to check that the environment beyond the gates was under normal conditions.

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