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It was Wednesday, which meant Wallace was once again sitting at Florean Fortescues with vanilla ice cream with a mountain of gummy bears. He chuckled to himself at his choice this week, wondering if he could have crammed any more gummy bears in the ice cream dish. Wallace carefully began to pick gummy bears out and started munching on them as he pondered his new life in London.

It was a different world than he remembered when he was in school. Once he moved to the United States for his career and met his Margo, London was in the back of his mind. It looked different than it did all those years ago. Smelled different too, but Wallace couldn't quite pinpoint what the smell was.

Munching on more of the gummy bears Wallace remembered his daughter Gloria's birthday was approaching in a few weeks time. He needed to shop for her and find the perfect gift. As much as he struggled every year to find the perfect gift for her, Gloria seemed to always be so thrilled with his selection.
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