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Text Cut: Bossman is starting
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
While they were waiting, he might as well give Mai the documents he was holding for her. Internalizing a sigh, because, well, his time was money too and he had things he needed to do as well, he slid over two manila file folders (one orange, one blue) containing some paperwork. Inside were curriculum vitaes and short biographies on the French and Japanese plenipotentiaries.

”Information on your charges,” He said with a smile. “Haruto is rather easy to deal with. But Valentin?” Conley raised an eyebrow and resisted the urge to whistle. ”A little…high strung.” He had faith that Mai could handle him though. ”If you have any problems with him. Let me know. He and I...” he was about to say ‘had history together,’ but thought better of it. They did have history together, but a phrase like that could be taken a few different ways and he didn’t want rumors to start roaming around the office. ”Worked together once upon a time.”

Conley had leaned back after passing the files over to Mai. Taking another sip, he watched Louise walk in. Well, there was a least another person here. ”Ms. Hamilton,” he said pleasantly in greeting.

A few more people filtered in and Conley finally felt confident enough to start this meeting. He took one last sip of his tea and then placed the empty teacup back on the saucer before flicking open his notebook and picking up his quill. ”So, welcome. Good morning and I hope everyone had a good holiday.” He smiled, perhaps a bit too widely, as thoughts of his own holiday briefly popped into his head. He forced them away. It was time to work. ”We’ve a few new faces here, Ms. Ainsley will be our new French and Japanese Relations Officer.” He motioned to the young lady with a welcoming smile. ”And Mr. Wallce,” he motioned to the new coordinator. ”Is our new jack-of-all trades. He’ll be available to help with planning events, meetings, mail, guests, and anything else that may pop up. But please, don’t abuse his help. He maintains the right to tell you all no.” He smiled, hoping the joke went over well, while providing Wallace with an out if he should get overwhelmed.

”Now, down to business.” His index finger tapped lightly against his notebook. ”It has come to my attention that the audit I requested be done a few years ago, did not actually happen. Therefore,” His smile faded. ”We have a quite a few people in the county on expired VISAs. They will all need to be contacted and informed that their paperwork is expired. If they do not respond or complete new paperwork in a timely manner, we will unfortunately have to get Law Enforcement involved.” He scribbled down a note. ”I personally don’t want to have anyone expatriated so, let’s get this done as quickly as possible.” He felt that it went without saying that if this wasn’t done, people would also be disciplined, possibly fired.

”Next,” He put a check mark next to his first note. ”There has been an increase in lost or stolen passports reported. Foreign Relations,” he glanced at Mai and few of the other officers who were seated around the table. ”Please reach out to your plenipotentiaries and see if there has been any other activity reported or if they too are having issues. Please inform me immediately of any other issues you happen upon in regards to these issues. Again, if the issue persists, Law Enforcement will have to get involved and I would rather not have to deal with the aurors.” Wow, that was a lot of use of the word 'issue.' He mentally rolled his eyes at himself.

He glanced over at Louise. ”Ms. Hamilton, if the reporters start sniffing around, please inform me immediately.”

Wallace checked the refreshments once more, making sure there was plenty for all. Especially those muffins, the lemon poppy seed was his personal favorite so there were a few extra of those. As the last few people straggled in and Conley started the meeting, Wallace made his way to a spot near the door.

He settled into his chair and pulled out a small note pad from his pocket followed by his favorite pen. Conveniently his glasses were still hanging from his pocket, not lost in the office some where. No squinting for Mr. Wallace, not now at least.

Department All Staff Meeting - Lead by Department Head Conley Phora
  • Welcoming
  • New Introductions
    - Ms. Ainsley - French and Japanese Relations Officer
    - Mr. Wallace -

At the mention of new people Wallace raised his head to look out at the people gathered. So many faces, so many names to learn. All with time. He smiled in Ms. Ainsley's direction at her introduction and made a mental note to formally introduce himself. At the mention of his name Wallace smiled again, raised a hand in a short wave and nodded to Conley. Yes, Wallace could say 'no' and there was no problem with him saying it either.

Back to his notes Wallace continued as Conley spoke. I need a bigger notepad. Wallace thought to himself.
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