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On the countryside, there is a story of an old run-down mansion that no one goes near. The story that is told to all the children is that the Mansion had a curse and anyone who steps foot on the soil will have nightmares or worse death. While some of that might be true no one can really say per se, that is unless you are a Blaze.

The mansion might look like a run-down place to the outside, but to the Blaze family it is fully intact and the doors open to a beautiful home that has been part of their family for generations. With its multiple bedrooms, pool, and oversized living room you would think that elegant people would be hosting many social gathers, but unfortunately, the only thing ever hosted at this mansion is business meetings among the adults.

RP Scene:

It's summer which means the Hogwarts students are back and it is business as usual, though Fredrick as been gone for six months now you wouldn't know it. Owls keep coming and jobs keep being done, but who is calling the shots and who is the head of the Blaze business now? The family has been called to the mansion by Brooke Blaze, one of the many faces to the families very secret group, she is not one of the meanest and isn't comfortable calling these meetings. The thought of having every member in one place gives her anxiety, but the meeting needed to be called, there has come an issue that needs to be addressed and only the family could do that. While the adults are meeting the children are playing out at the pool.


Brooke Blaze, Eddie Blaze, Anthony Blaze- Bazinga
Claudine Blaze Fearlessleader
Lynn Blaze, Dahlia SarcasticStrawberry
Eivan Blaze emjay
Camden Blaze MuggleDionsaur

*I do have a few open Blaze members if anyone would like a new character!