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Yes, that was a good way to put it for sure. The mist, it made her skin crawl even if it hadn't come into contact with it. Olly nodded in reply to Archer's comment and glanced at the others who had come to stand next to her. She'd already heard about what the mist looked like from her Climate Controllers but seeing it, experiencing it herself was a whole other thing.

'What do we do?'.

Olly would have LOVED to answer Lucille's question with 'leave'. But of course, she couldn't. Not yet anyway. So instead she glanced at her Division Heads, first Archer, then Kat, then Alexander Brian. None of them were making any suggestions so she turned to look at Lucille and Quentin. "I think we should take a few samples from out here. So we have something to compare it to. And to see if the environment outside the gates is affected, too." Also it meant that they could stay out here for a little longer.

"Yeah?" She added, looking at the Division Heads again. Good?
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