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Well, Hello to you too! Conley thought as his smile widened just a little. It was like armor to him. He’d found over the years that the smile helped keep his own emotions in check and that sometimes, it disarmed other people. IN spite of the big smile, he wondered though, if he had done something that had upset the woman who was now swearing – at a door no less. At least it wasn’t at him, or at least not yet. Those hazel eyes staring back at him didn’t help relay any form or hospitality or diminish the feeling that she did not like him. Nope…He had the sinking feeling that Alexa Cambridge would rather hit him with a bat boogey hex then talk to him. Why though? He had no clue.

He resisted the urge to spit back at her that he wasn’t here to shoot the breeze or invite her to lunch (even if he was a little hungry). Instead he, once again, shifted the book and scrolls in his arms (his triceps were starting to burn a little) and said in as pleasant a voice as he could muster, ”Identity theft, VISAs issues, and possible expatriation.“ His own hazel eyes traveled from hers to the door and back. He wasn’t going to ask if she needed help. He had a feeling an offer would result in his being hit with a bat boogey hex. ”I can come back,” he turned, prepared to leave.
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