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She was right! Swords! SWORDS! This was so awesome. She was good at wielding pointy objects. Cordelia went for the brute force option of trying to pull the little sword out of the stone. She worked out a lot to stay fit for quidditch, even though they couldn’t fly because of the mist, so surely she would be able to pull such a small sword out. Other than casting bombarda on the stone, pulling by hand was the only thing she could think of to do. Attempting to blow up the rock sounded like a bad idea, so pulling it was. What had she done to be nice to others lately? Uh… Well, she had helped a firstie get back into the common room. That was a good deed, right? The young Gryffindor tugged as hard as she could at the sword, and eventually she was able to remove it. Wow! She was totally going to keep this as a souvenir. Who wouldn’t want a miniature sword?

The professor… wasn’t skilled enough in magic to enchant the swords herself? But she was a professor, and professors were supposed to be good at magic. Something didn’t check out there. What if Professor O’Hara was secretly a squib? Wait no that was a silly idea, the professor could obviously do magic. Anyway, the professor was letting them play with swords which was super cool. Oooh, they were getting swords out of water now? WAS A HAND GOING TO COME OUT OF THE POOL? The rules for this one would be different. Interesting. Cordelia peered into the pool before her. She couldn’t see the bottom, so she was going to try a different approach on this one. Pulling out her wand, Cordelia attempted to summon the sword. ”Accio sword!” Would that work? Or did the enchantment prevent the swords from being summoned?
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