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Default 50 Ficlets of Happily Ever After - Sa 13+

Happily Ever After

Simply put, as the title reads, this thread will contain 50 different happy endings for one of my many SSRPG characters. I'm a sucker for a good Disney/fairytale ending, and being that I've come back from the beyond only to disappear again and again... and again, this is my own little farewell to the world and brain dwellers that kept me sane throughout my teenage years. Without further adieu..

1. Gilt 2. Nobility 3. Rushing 4. Warmth 5. Crimson 6. Righteous 7. Fury 8. Sword 9. Kingdom 10. Roar

1. Judgement. 2. Roll call 3. Slick 4. Reign 5. Creek 6. Turtle dove 7. Silk sheets 8. Sunrise 9. Silver 10. Nocturnal


1. Barrels 2. Tickle the pear 3. Overstuffed armchair 4. Duffer 5. Midnight feast 6. Pay it forward 7. Broom polishing kit 8. Buddy system 9. Dedicated 10. Potato

1. Comfort 2. Dawn 3. Growth 4. Bed 5. Supper 6. Teapot 7. Photo 8. Desk 9. Hearth 10. Midnight

1. Spring 2. Summer 3. Fall 5. Feast 5. Winter 6. Snowball 7. Yule Ball 8. Orchideous 9. Lumos 10. Nox

GROUP 3; 4. Warmth
Delphinia and Nathaniel Aspen (belongs to Samia)

[[ Sunlight peeked through the canopy of trees above the private little meadow, warming her face and highlighting the freckles that spread from her nose to her cheeks. Her eyes followed the little ones running around before her: four beautiful, perfect little weirdos.

Mini Delphinia and Nathaniel's.

The eldest, almost "Hogwarts aged" as the kids said these days. Though, whether or not he would attend Hogwarts was another story entirely, one that worried the brunette quite often these days. Their baby boy, their very first-

"We met at Hogwarts, Delphi," Her husband's voice interrupted, as if reading her mind. "I think it treated us well enough, don't you?"

He had a point, and she knew it.

Hogwarts had been.. fine. Without it, they certainly wouldn't have met. Nathaniel never would have accidentally sat in her lap down at the lake. The Aspen clan would cease to exist. More than a decade of memories, gone.

"Suppose we could just.. hold him back another year, or two?" Delphi asked, partially joking, she leaned into the arm wrapped around her shoulder. A smile tugged at her lips as she glanced up, hearing Nathan laugh in response - "Maybe." - She had always loved his laugh. ]]
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