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Too busy with writing down notes, the Ravenclaw did not even bother coming up with an answer for the first question. He knew about king Arthur and the sword in the stone like many of them from having read it in a couple of books where he was mentioned in. Also, which witch or wizard did not known Merlin?

As he took away the white cloth from his desk and dropped it next to him on the ground, Dorian's suspicion about what was under the cloth was far from right. He looked at the miniature sword in stone and thought it looked quite cute. "Professor O'Hara can we keep these?" he asked because it would look good in his room at home.

Anyway, Dorian thought about the possibilities that could remove the sword and the first thought that came to his mind was the Bombarda spell. But then not just the stone but also the sword could break and he did not want that.

Or should he try and pull it out with his bare hands? According to legend, the sword could only be pulled out by someone who was worthy which meant that it was definitely not him. Could anyone imagine? Him? Worthy? He snorted at his own thoughts before he got up from his seat and examined it.

Mweh, might as well try it right? Without much thought , the sixth year grabbed the golden hilt with diamonds and rubies attached to it and pulled.
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