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Gunnar was rather distracted sitting on his stump in the artificial outdoors of the Room of Requirement. Even though he knew it was false, it seemed so real, and he had been longing to be outside, to run alongside the lake instead of up the stairs and through the corridors, to fly on his broom through the air.

He was just about to offer an answer to the question when he realized that class had moved on. Oops. Well, he hadn't really been paying attention to the answers anyway so he might have repeated something someone else already said, so maybe that was a good thing. The sixteen year old was suddenly drawn to Thereos as he snacked on some flowers, reminding him of something that merely added to the many distracted thoughts in his mind. Eh, that would have to wait.

"We both have similar needs," he suddenly offered without raising his hand. "Food and water for sustenance, fresh air, shelter, care... physical exercise." That sounded really good right now, especially in this meadow.
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