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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Aww she was hoping for a little jump but Anya was as casual as ever. It was impressive. Angelica smiled and had to question the dungbomb bit since they were mature and working at the ministry and all.

"Fireworks would be more impressive. those water resistant ones if you are feeling extra evil"

Did they have company, honestly guess this shop was popular enough if now there was three people in it. Even if she only went in because she saw Anya. Oh wait she was an important person here. Angelica just smiled and wanted to be forgot as quickly as possible and move on with talking to Anya.

"I dont think so, it kind of stands out you know"
Anya was definitely not the jumpy time...most of the time. Maybe if they were in a different scenario, maybe one with drinks and dancing involved, then she would be that type. A good jumpy type, if that made any sense.

"I like the way you're thinking," the astronomer wagged a finger at Angelica with an amused smile on her lips. Waterproof fireworks were a very unsubtle way of screaming 'hey, these were sent by Anya Gonzales' and that worked perfectly well in her books. "But nah, I'm not getting anything for an enemy." Or anyone, for that matter. Not yet, at least. Maybe if she found something amusing to appease her parents, then perhaps she would shed some money for this gift shop.

Her eyes fell back onto the jumper as she examined it. "Nothing yells 'hey, I'm employed!' better than a jumper from your own workplace," Anya snorted.

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