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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Anya resisted the urge to laugh at the other things in display. One would think the jumpers were funny enough, but there were actually toys at the back shelves. Toys for children. They probably easily get broken or damaged. Who knows. Anya didn't have a kid or a niece or a nephew to buy those for them anyway. Maybe if level 9 had its own gift shop, she'd actually consider buying astronomy-related things for her family. She could only dream for now.

"Angelicaaaaa," the brunette greeted with a big smile on her face. Oh! The other woman had definitely caught her, but it wasn't a deer in the headlights moment. Anya was acting very casual about it. "Definitely not. I'd send a box of dung bombs to an enemy." Or fireworks. Or something very embarrassing and very Anya.

From her peripheral vision, she saw another woman (January) enter the gift shop. Anya recognized her but couldn't exactly tell how and from what department. She just looked very much like authority, as far as Anya could recall. "Good day," the astronomer politely greeted.

Back to Angelica. "I think the jumper would look good on you though." HEH.
Aww she was hoping for a little jump but Anya was as casual as ever. It was impressive. Angelica smiled and had to question the dungbomb bit since they were mature and working at the ministry and all.

"Fireworks would be more impressive. those water resistant ones if you are feeling extra evil"

Did they have company, honestly guess this shop was popular enough if now there was three people in it. Even if she only went in because she saw Anya. Oh wait she was an important person here. Angelica just smiled and wanted to be forgot as quickly as possible and move on with talking to Anya.

"I dont think so, it kind of stands out you know"
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