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The diplomatic smile she could have done without. It didn't grease the wheels of business in any way and didn't leave her any more amenable than a scowl would have. Lex nodded her own greeting to the man as she moved up to her door. "Depends." Her voice was distracted as she spoke. Most of her attention was on removing the curses typically placed on her door. How many of them were in this rotation again? "Tell me what you want then I'll tell you if I'm busy." That was how impromptu meetings worked. Alexa Cambridge did not commit until she knew what she was committing to. Granted, she didn't have a problem calling things off even after the fact but it made things easier to not begin at all.

Blonde brows furrowed as several non-verbal attempts at disarming her office door proved futile. It reminded her of the dead zone the department had hit some time back...only there was nothing dead about this door. The charms remained stubbornly in tact.

Lex swore, half tempted to give the door a kick but thinking better of it. A trip down to the healers was the last thing she needed.

Reluctantly, she turned to Conley. Hazel eyes looked on at him expectantly. He wasn't just going to stand there, was he?
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