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SPOILER!!: students
Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Analiese wrapped her cloak around her tightly. Even though it was the middle of spring, she still felt cold. She looked at Thereos, her eyes lifeless, as they waited for everyone to arrive. Seriously, the young Claw's mood was so bad that as soon as Trent allowed an evacuation, she was almost certainly never coming back. Beauxbatons would have been much better. Now everyone had arrived, her eyes focused on the centaur, she awaited his instructions. She was not in the mood for question answering at the particular moment, but she, for some reason, decided to answer one. She stuttered as she answered the centaur's question. "W-well, sir, th-there's hippomancy, wh-which is d-divination u-using horses."
His pride would not permit the centaur to perceive her stuttering as anything more than apprehension. Apprehension for knowing that the answer which she gave tread fine line between being offensive. Perhaps on any other day Thereos would have overlooked it and realized he was taking an innocent fact as a personal attack, but today was not that day. Not after the haunting image he had seen in the boathouse.

"Are you seeking to imply something?" he scowled while one of his front hooves berated the ground and carved into the earth. Perhaps that this very subject was some elaborate form of hippomancy? "Select your next words wisely."

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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
The lesson had hardly begun when Nina felt her back stiffen. His question, despite being clouded in his vague tongue and foreign imagery was clear as day. He was asking about the creatures of Hogwarts. And it made Nina VERY, VERY skeptical.

No. No, no no no no no no no NO!

She REFUSED. She'd walk out of class!! (No, she would not). She would argue with their Professor!! (No, she would not). She would throw a tantrum!! (No, she would not).

In all honesty, she would probably sit with her arms crossed wearing a DEEP frown. Just as she was in this exact moment. Only, if creatures DID show up to the lesson, she would probably run and hide behind someone. Calyx. Or Calloway. They'd both protect her, right?
Jaw set and irritable, the centaurs cool gaze shifted to the Slytherin who ironically kept silent despite him knowing full well that the maintained the lung capacity of a banshee. Thus he gave her a cursory disapproving look before shifting his gaze over to the next raised hand.

Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Defintely distraction on her part. The desperate need to get out of the castle- alive- was about to drive her up a figurative tree. Not to mention a certain Ravenclaw making it passive-aggressively obvious she wasn't happy about having to share a common room. Anyway...

"There's plastromancy or divination by the cracks heat causes in a turtle's shell." Hopefully, one that had already passed by natural causes. 'Cause, you know, a turtle's shell was it's home. And also, turtle soup was a thing in some places. Ugh.
"There is," he replied, brow furrowed and disgust at the method. Not all humans were inhumane in their practice of this method, but the centaur had seen some horrors. He much preferred the centaurian method. None of which would be discussed today and thus he move on.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Tina continued staring at the butterfly on her wrist, trying to block out everyone and everything around her. It was the only way she could function at this point. She looked up for the briefest of moments as Thereos spoke, out of courtesy for him more than anything else. She wasn't even sure why she was here anymore. Divination used to be her favorite subject, back when she thought it would eliminate the uncertainties of life, but now, she knew there was no method of divination in existence that would ease her fears about everything going on in the castle. She'd long since lost interest in this and every other class taught at Hogwarts, but distraction seemed equally unlikely. Nothing was going to completely take her mind off recent events; the best she could hope for was that the lesson would occupy her thoughts enough to stop them from spiraling into darker, more vulnerable emotions.

Whatever the reason, she owed it to Thereos to at least try to pay attention. She considered his words carefully, trying to decipher the question hidden in there somewhere. Methods of divination that involved creatures… was that what he was asking? Judging by the answers she heard from her classmates, it seemed like a safe bet. She searched her memory for types of divination that she knew and what they used - a task made harder when her mind was elsewhere! Her eyes once again flicked to the butterfly on her wrist. and a lightbulb went on in her brain. Her hand went up. and she said, [B]"Entomomancy- it's a method of divination using insects' appearance and appearance and behavior."
If he must select one student to be the most on topic for today, he supposed it would be this one. Though even so, she was quite far from the truth."There is," he nodded as he echoed the manner in which he had responded to the Hufflepuff youngling. "In this region the preferred insect is the King Calowa or Lady Ellison or Mearns, though you all may be most familiar with the name ladybug above these three."

And that was really all he had to say on the subject, though his jaw relaxed slightly at the reference to a method reliant on pure nature.

Seeing no further hands raised, Thereos allowed his disappointment to sit on his face. No one had even come close to itching the method they would be focusing on today. A true pity that students were seemingly not more well versed in divination rooted in the natural world then Hogwarts had such lush surroundings. This was the error of humanity, becoming reliant on their own devices and creations.

"Your answers," disappointing as they were. "...have only begun to scratch the surface of the deep pool of possibilities found in the connection between the celestial Inner Eye and the natural world. The first half of term we focused on what the flora surrounding Hogwarts could reveal through its divine teachings." And they would have continued along this path had Hogwarts not forced his hooves. He found himself taking another irritable bite of the flowers gifted to him by Miss McCarthy before resuming, taking his time with chewing and grounding himself. Her kindness was unprecedented under these circumstances. "With all taking such close quarters with one another, four houses merging into two and many of the forest's residence too within these stone walls, we will spend what time we have left this term divulging into what lessons we may learn from the fauna of this world. To begin this journey, I ask you this...what connection can you make between creatures and yourselves? What do they do that you too do?"

His tail gave a swift flick to scratch an itch on his rump and something small and sparkling fluttered away from his hindquarters as the grass surrounding their semicircle rustled once more.
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