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There are children in that castle.

That had been the constant for her, the fact that remained the same when so much else was up in the air. Those kids could be her nieces, her nephews... Whatever this mist was that was trapping them inside of that castle, Mariana was determined to help find its weakness and get rid of it for them if she could manage it.

"It's so quiet." She shivered as she approached the gates, the silence more than anything putting her on edge. It was unsettling and it weighed on her, causing her pack of supplies to feel that much heavier. She adjusted the straps on her shoulders and stopped beside Quentin, his words resonating with her. How did they begin?

She was a botanist, so she focused on plants. Had the mist damaged them in some way? Some plants were able to pull mist from the air to survive, but the condition of the soil made her wonder if they'd be finding any greenery. Wonder if they'd be able to see it if they did...

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