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Bambi had really deserved that break. Really deserved it. Truly. There was no one more deserving of the break than one Bambi Ella Ackerly. If she'd thought prepping for the Quidditch Cup had been difficult, boy did she have another thing coming when they had to clean everything up. Magic is such a pesky little thing, she kept having to go and fix up badly cast charms and finito's for months after the tournament had ended! On her own, mind you, since she'd volunteered to head the clean up. And all of that on top of her regular workload!

So, see? She really had deserved the break.

So today, on this seemingly quiet day - she kept her thoughts quiet and to herself, lest the universe heard and arranged a disaster for her just before lunch - Bambi was here to practice a number of new techniques she wanted to try for micro-concealment. Muggles could be annoyingly observant when they were curious, and they needed to stop failing on the little details.

Conjuring about two dozen butterflies into the training room, she set to work. Conceal, don't kill. Time to focus.
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