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"Right behind you, Pappadeaux," the blond called out. She'd stayed a bit behind to make sure her team had made it safely and joined the bigger group. In normal days, Katrina Belrose would watch out for herself, her priority being her own safety as she had a husband and children to come home to. Cassidy had a thousand and one questions about today's mission and Kat did her very best to dodge them. However, today, she had the rest of her division to keep an eye on. She wasn't complaining. Clearly Olly had a bigger scope to lead. On top of that, it wasn't just her and her colleagues she had to worry about. There were children trapped inside Hogwarts. A kind of situation that would drive any parent mad and ready to send their howlers at the Board of Governors.

For the record, Kat didn't want to be here either. This was much more than the greenhouses she had to deal with in her line of work. This place wasn't enclosed in glass, with bars of steel holding the structure up and charmed to keep the temperature in check. This was exposed, out in the open. It was not entirely under her or her team's control, and that thought alone was just unsettling. Even more so when this was the circumstance brought upon her on her most recent visit to her former school. Kat couldn't make out the figure of the castle from where they were.

Katrina Belrose would never admit nor show that the sight of all this was tying knots inside her stomach. She kept a serious and inspecting face as she surveyed the idea, her wand in her hand. There wasn't much she could make out. "Not exactly the homecoming party we'd expect." She hadn't been here since she graduated, but this wasn't how she imagined her return to Hogwarts to roll out. The blond glanced at Olly, waiting for a go signal if ever.

She was also still holding Alex to that nice bottle of wine after all this, by the way.

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