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Responsibility Sucked.

Has anyone else said that yet because it was all Alexander Brian was thinking about. He couldn't even nope out of the ministry office and go to a his favorites in really whatever country he was feeling at the moment. As long as his work gets done and the Juniors get their research in. Which reminded him Caroline still needed training at the greenhouse.

Well he will just remember that for later.

"You know i think this will feel like i'm back underwater, but anyway where is Kat?"

He said stopping by them well more by Olly and looking at the mist through the gate. Our fearless leader on this particular assignment. Tho technically it was Olly. But really this wasn't Olly's area of expertise.

Wont really be able to see, no creatures you could hear and all he had was his wand. Normal day really expect this mist looked different. Which is to be expected considering this is a Hogwarts issue.

Nothing is ever normal here.
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