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This was one of those rare occasions where Nettie actually kind of knew what the professor was talking about. She'd heard of this Sword in the Stone myth before - but she hadn't learned much more about it other than it was some kid who pulled out the sword and then became the king. She had never really thought of it as more than a myth, but like most muggle myths, she wasn't all that surprised that it seemed to have a magical component to it. After all, Merlin had been involved, but it was interesting to theorize how he helped Arthur get the sword out of the stone...

Looking at her own model, she decided right away that she was going to try and physically pull it out. The young girl was stronger than she looked, but mostly it was because that was how the myth had gone - if you were worthy, you could do it WITHOUT magic. Or, at least, that was what the muggles had believed. So she was going to do it the muggle way.

Standing up so she could get a good stance, she set the stone in front of her and she cracked her knuckles in preparation. She took the hilt with both hands - and TUGGED.

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