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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
To say that Victoria was in a fog was an understatement. She was struggling to get through the days since she had heard the news. Her heart sank every time she thought about it and the words of Cossy coming back to haunt her. She knew if she would speak to him he would tell her he told her so and that angered her more than anything.

She knew she had bought two coffees and her feet took her exactly where she wanted to go, but why was she here. What would be the reason she would tell the receptionist? She didn't have a meeting nor did she have any papers with her, just two coffees. She glanced down the corridor before stepping in and asked if he was in his office. Thankfully with she wasn't questioned as to why she was there Vic headed towards his door.

She quietly with her elbow gave it a little knock.
The door had allowed her in as everything behind it was a lavish waiting room and not the Minister's actual office which was safely tucked away with its entrance and exit always alternating secretively about the space. The portraits had already alerted him as to whom specifically was visiting and his stomach found itself doubling over in tight knots. Burdened with the knowledge he possessed, the decisions to be made on how to proceed - which were all coming along swimmingly with Olly's assistance - and his overly compassionate soul, Charles quickly descended the spiraling staircase down from his office and appeared from one of the countless bookcases as it slid aside.

"Victoria," he smiled warmly as he approached her and gestured to the couches. "Please, have a seat."


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