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Of course Archer had arrived with the Ravenclaws. Wasn't hard when you were now sharing a common room with them. Though, she had mostly focused on the Hufflepuffs and making sure they were comfortable and that none of their new housemates were giving them a hard time (not that she was expecting it of all of them, most knew how to act like decent people, some however.....).

Anyway, the most noticeable thing about her now was how unlike herself she was acting. Gone was her usual good humor and comments, replaced by a stoney face thanks to her disbelief that there were absolutely, ZERO plans to evacuate and the headmaster had insisted on waiting on the ministry as if they were just going to come riding along on white horses like knights and save them all.

"You too," was her returned reply as she made her way over and sat on one of the stumps in the indicated arc.

She missed the feel of the real grass. The real outdoors.
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