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It was to no one surprise that the next Divination lesson would be taught somewhere indoors and the room of requirement seemed to be the perfect place.

The mist seemed to be affecting everyone including centaurs as he looked different than normal. More ...wild if that was the word. He was not going to lose his composure during the class right? He could see O'Hara lose it but not him. He wanted to greet back but the only thing that came out of him was a sigh so instead he bowed his head politely before he walk inside the room.

which had changed itself in to a large meadow and a brilliant blue sky. Dorian looked around for a moment as he walked toward the group of students already present. He looked at Chloe for a second longer with a slight frown on his face. He still remembered how upset she had been in the dueling arena regards to her friend being missing. He admired her for being present in lessons though. Without saying a word to anyone, he waited for class to begin while looking at the tall grass up ahead.
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