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He nodded his head as he was told he needed to relax. That was a bit hard but he figured the worst that happened he was still stressed after trying to relax. closing his eyes he began to picture the rolling fields of Kentucky, his grandparents farm, and nope there it was fog--mist--whatever you wanted to call it. He squeezed his eyes tighter. Next thing he knew it was just the farm and he felt slightly better than he had felt.

Listening to Professor O'Hara's question he was ready to answer it. "Well what intrigues me about the legend is just that, most people argue over if it was actually true or not. In the muggle world people make movies, and modern culture about King Arthur. Yet, no one actually believes that King Arthur was a thing he's just some urban legend to them. Kind of funny that they argue over it so intensely." he had to try and find the humor in something because he sure wasn't finding it here at Hogwarts.
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