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Ben was certainly not expecting the lesson to begin with just sitting quietly and relaxing, but he wasn't opposed to it either. Silence was always appreciated. So he closed his eyes, though he wasn't sure he could actually relax. There was just so much running through his head all the time, and it didn't stop when his eyes closed. Still, he tried, though he was a little bit relieved when the professor gave them permission to stop, and then the lesson began.

His quill was back in his hand, ready to write his notes. King Arthur and the legends about him was going to be a topic for this lesson? Intriguing. It was certainly not a subject he was well-versed in, but he was of course familiar with the most famous aspects.

He carefully scribbled down a few notes from what a couple of other students had said, and, since it was relatively quiet, his free hand rose to offer an answer of his own. "According to some of the legends, King Arthur was betrayed by his wife Guinevere and his friend Lancelot. The exact circumstances and consequences of that betrayal sometimes vary depending on the legend, though I believe the most common one leads to the downfall of the kingdom."

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