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The Gryffindor squeezed her eyes tightly closed and took a few calming deep breaths when the professor told them to. It was difficult to feel truly relaxed these days, given the situation with the mist. Relax, Cordelia. The mist probably won’t get into the classroom right now. Focus. Cordelia opened her eyes when the professor said they could. King Arthur? She had heard some of those legends before. It was the kind of stories she had liked hearing when she was little. The young Gryffindor raised her hand and waited for her turn to speak before giving her answer. ”Muggle legend has it that Merlin put a sword in a stone and that whoever could pull the sword out of the stone would be the rightful king of England. Many tried to remove the sword, but no one could pull it from the stone. Merlin brought Arthur before the sword, Arthur was able to successfully remove the sword, and he became the king of England. Some say the sword was enchanted so that only Arthur would be able to remove it. Another legend has the sword Excalibur given to Arthur by the Lady of the lake.” There were stones in front of her, so was the mystery item beneath the cloth… a sword? WERE THEY GOING TO PLAY WITH SWORDS? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Cordelia raised her hand again. ”Will we be doing any reenactments of Arthurian legends today to connect to this period of history? Like, with swords and all that?” She wanted to try swinging a sword around. Maybe this class wasn’t so boring after all.
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