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Her eyes opened as the sound of footsteps against the floor reached her ears. Technically she was not meditating after her eyes opened, but she kept her hands pressed together and her shoulders relaxed. "Good morning, Mr. Dooley," she said with a thin smile to Patrick as he moved to sit behind his seat. She could see a question forming on his mind.

"Hello, Ms. Winklebleck," she said with another thin smile, returned the Gryffindor's greeting. She could tell the Gryffindor had the same curiosity that Mr. Dooley seemed to be itching with, which was completely understandable. This was an unusual setup for History of Magic. Hopefully, it would be a distraction from the horror and madness of recent days.

She waited until the last of the students trudged in through the doors. Then she got up manually close the door. Walking back to her desk, she began the lesson. "Good morning, class. Today's lesson will require focus. Recent events at this school have gotten us all on edge, so I want you all to close your eyes and relax for awhile. You'll be able to focus better if you relax your muscles before starting the lesson. You may begin." Having already meditated before class began, Alice kept her eyes open to make sure the students followed her command.

"You may open your eyes now." She waited for around ten seconds for everyone to open their eyes and focus. "Now. Our first subject for today is a historical English king known by both Muggles and witches. Please raise your hand and share with us your knowledge on King Arthur or any of his legends. Please, in an orderly manner."

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