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What in Merlin’s socks was this? The setup that Cordelia found as she entered the classroom looked like something that belonged in a geology class or a divination lesson focused on rocks rather than a history classroom. Weird. On the upside, it probably meant they would be doing something fun today. She did not particularly like this subject or the professor so the young lion had rather low expectations for history of magic lessons on most days. ”Hello, Professor O’Hara,” Cordelia greeted the professor as she made her way over to a seat in front of one of the tables. What was under the tablecloths that said do not touch? The fact that touching them was forbidden made the mysteries beneath all the more intriguing. However, the professor would be watching them and there could be protective spells placed on the sheets so for now Cordelia was going to keep her hands to herself and wait until the professor was ready to reveal the plan for the lesson.

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