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Tessa didn't know what to think when she heard the announcement. More than anything, she wanted to pretend that everything was okay - or was going to be okay - but her gut told her that wasn't the case. She was heading back from class when she heard it and dread was all she felt. There was the possibility that the announcement was to let everyone know that the Ministry was here and everything would be sorted by the end of the day, but yeah, no..... That was unlikely.

She could only hope that things weren't getting worse.

The blonde reached the Duelling Arena in no time after having rushed there. She immediately began looking for Levi, Ellie, Alfie and Soraya, but she couldn't see them... They would be here soon, she told herself. It was because she had rushed that they weren't... Only a small number of students and staff had arrived. They were fine.

She noticed that both Stas and Lili had arrived. Good. Tessa made her way over to Lili, all the while looking out for her siblings, best friend, and boyfriend, and stood beside her. Stas would likely be focused on protecting younger kids and being there to assist Headmaster Trent if needed, so she didn't go over to her. She hoped Stas wouldn't need to do anything. Tess whispered, uncharacteristically quietly, to Lili. "Do you think something has happened?" It was a dumb question because meetings obviously weren't called for no reason, but she had to ask. What the question really meant was 'Do you think something really, really bad has happened?' and 'Do you think things are getting worse?'
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