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Holly hadn’t had the best year. Oh sure, it had started out great, and was even going fine up until Christmas… but with all of the creatures running away before Christmas and the mist encroaching every day since then… Well, she was starting to wonder why she’d come back to Hogwarts when she had been home and safe. But it was mist. They had mist all the time in the Highlands with the weather changes and the lake… It was normal. Only, this wasn’t normal mist.

… and that thought terrified her. Especially when she hadn’t seen Taddy again.

…. She wanted to be at home, safe. She wanted Cameron. She wanted Alis and Jorgie to be safe. She needed them to be….

Looking around the room for them, she gravitated in their direction, eyes keeping a look out for her boyfriend - she’d be needing him with her right now. She didn’t care if they were in different houses… She didn’t want to leave his side. His hugs made her feel better.

Kind of. She wasn’t sure anything could settle the feeling that she was going to be sick. But she was willing to try just so she wasn’t sick or burst into tears surrounded by the whole school… That wasn’t going to happen.

She hoped, but the look on Professor Trent’s face didn’t give her much confidence.

Crossing her arms, to hug herself, she waited. Blood pounding in her ears, wand within easy reach. Though her mind wasn’t coming up with any spells, hexes, curses or charms that would even help against the mist.
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