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Surprisingly, Archer had been able to maintain her usual 'water off a duck's back' attitude even with the mist being literally right at their door. After all, there was, what, at least a good six inches of solid stone between it and them. But the Headmaster's announcement had put her right on edge. There had just been something in his tone that said the worst had happened and she wasn't even trying to pretend this wasn't grave. She'd been in that mist. If it had somehow managed to make it into the castle, there was no telling who would be next and if they would be lucky enough to make it out this time. Plus, Kam and the Ravenclaw were still missing, possibly in the mist.......

It was with these thoughts in mind that she was ushering any of her classmates she came across, be they Hufflepuff or not, on her way towards the dueling arena with her, all traces of her usual chuckle gone, replaced with a grim look. Which should demonstrate the seriousness of the situation to anyone.
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