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Despite being terrified out of her mind, Nina would never skip a lesson. She did find some of her Professors to be rather incompetent, but hopefully they’d have the sense to keep everyone safe from the mist. This mist that still gave her nightmares. While the lesson helped distract her thoughts from spiraling there, it was the announcement that sent a shiver down her entire spine.


She was right back in the water all over again. The most terrifying moment of her entire life. The fear was unreal. She had forgotten how to breathe. Her entire body went into autopilot, as she followed her classmates to the dueling arena. She couldn’t recall how she had gotten here, but her legs had carried her over.

The Gryffindor’s question echoed in her head as she moved to stand near the edge of the room, having no desire to stand in the center where there would surely be a crowd of panicked whispers. Already she felt overwhelmed, she wanted to know they were safe. Nina Castillo wanted her father. While typically the Slytherin was quite good at hiding her emotion when she needed to, but at the moment every ounce of worry and fear showed on her face.

She felt very small.

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