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The announcement filled Cordelia with a strange kind of dread. It was a rather unusual feeling. Not even the death of Professor Dopple last year had fazed her, but she had a horrible feeling about this mist. Cordelia still wouldn’t call it a fear per se, but more of an agitation or anxiety towards the mist. Perhaps most urgently she was afraid that the mist would trap them here forever and she would eventually run out of insulin and die a painful death from diabetic ketoacidosis. It was what could happen rather than what had happened already that scared her. Nervously, she entered the duelling arena. She knew well enough from the events of last year that the headmaster would only call all the students out of class to an emergency assembly if someone had died. ”Who died?” She asked matter-of-factly as she approached the headmaster in the duelling arena. Hopefully the answer to that would be no one, but given the urgency with which the headmaster had summoned everyone she had a feeling that would not be the case. Where was Drew? Cora? Maeve? Her quidditch teammates? Cordelia needed them to still be alive.
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