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He’d run, for a certainty the Headmaster has high tailed it away from the stairs leading to the entrance hall and made the announcement on the way back to the second floor.

The problem was, two floors up from that mist, common sense and reason finally kicked back in. He’d left it there to keep rising and get worse. No denying at this point it was getting worse by the day and until the Ministry could get here, he had to do more than run. It was for that reason that before heading to the duelling arena, Malachi cautiously doubled back to the staircase.

His relief was palpable when he found the mist still no further than when he’d last seen it and the man cast a barrier shield in the hopes of preventing its advancement. Once he got everything in order with the students, he would take some professors and see about checking to ensure it had no other way of rising. For now, this would have to do.

Back in the extended Duelling arena, the man paced as was his practice when agitated. Why weren’t why here yet?? Every second filled him with dread.
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