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Default HoM lesson 2

Several things are different about today's seating and desk arrangements. For one thing, there are no desks. In their places are metal, rectangular tables - long enough to actually be touching each other in rows of five each. On top of the tables are a pile of jagged rocks on one side, and a large white tablecloth covering something else on the other side. On top of the tablecloth's are words painted in black: DO NOT TOUCH!!!

Other than that, everything is normal.

Alice is setting in her usual spot behind her desk - hers is the only desk still in the room. Of course, that also means she has no table. She sits behind it with eyes closed and palms pressed together, meditating. This was something she did at the start of most lessons. If only she could have taken advantage of it when it mattered. Oh well.

Please take your seats, lovely students.

OOC: Welcome. We'll continue in 24 hours!
First question!
Part one - Pull the sword
Part two - summon the sword
Summon the Sword plus bonus questions
Class dismissed!