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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post

Q grimaced as the young woman mixed up his name- he was not offended by any means- but this was about to make the already slightly uncomfortable introduction into a properly uncomfortable introduction. "It's Alvey, miss McKinley... An honest mistake." the son of Durm said, gently correcting her. His smile, from then on, was quite apologetic as if he had been the one to make the mistake. Smoothly, Q ran his well-manicured fingers through his jet-black hair and rose from his seat, leaving behind his jacket.

"To be fair," He began levelly, grinning a little. "It worked out in my favor as well.. A grown man eating ice cream alone is a bit of a sad sight, wouldn't you agree?" Q finished, his dark eyes flashing with mischief- but only for a moment, for in the next he was right back to his more business like posture. "Absolutely. After you." He gestured forward, stepping back to give Natalie enough space to walk toward the counter.
Well, this was awkward. And it showed on Natalie's face how nervous and embarrassed she was. She just called a potential employer by the wrong name. The former Slytherin grimaced too, letting out an embarrassed laugh, her face turning redder by the second. "Sorry..."

She appreciated the lightness of a joke, though, and her nerves eased a little. She was still red, though.

Natalie nodded appreciatively when he gestured her forward and she made her way to the counter. Her inner awkwardness returned when she realized that a long moment had passed where she hadn't actually said anything to him besides an embarrassed apology for calling him by the wrong name and that she should perhaps actually say something.

After paying for her cup of strawberry ice cream, Natalie stepped aside so he could place an order too. "I always tell myself I'm going to try a new flavor," she said, by way of small talk. "But I always back out last second and get strawberry." It was her favorite, okay?

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