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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post

Natalie paused nervously when the man replied with a simple "yes". She had expected a different reply - not a QUESTION, certainly. But her smile returned quickly when he straightened up and said her name. Okay, phew. All was well. Grinning a little, Nat nodded, glancing at the hand he offered. Though, his formality made her wish she had called him by his last name too... Crud. Did she already screw up? "Yes, that's me. Mr... Alvery." Was it too late to call him that? Regardless, Natalie grabbed onto his hand and gave it a gentle shake.

As for the accent, she was panicking inside too much to notice anything other than English. Her own accent was also questionable. Raised by an Irish mother and an American father, surrounded by the English. It was quite the mix.

Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Natalie was about to sit down when he mentioned that he had been waiting to order until she got in. "Oh," she said, hesitating by her chair. Did she sound dumb? "That's very kind of you." ........ Awkward pause. He was handsome, wasn't he? "Shall we go do that then? At the counter?" You know, where people ordered? Right? Merlin, it was hot in there, wasn't it?

Nerves. She was nervous.

Q grimaced as the young woman mixed up his name- he was not offended by any means- but this was about to make the already slightly uncomfortable introduction into a properly uncomfortable introduction. "It's Alvey, miss McKinley... An honest mistake." the son of Durm said, gently correcting her. His smile, from then on, was quite apologetic as if he had been the one to make the mistake. Smoothly, Q ran his well-manicured fingers through his jet-black hair and rose from his seat, leaving behind his jacket.

"To be fair," He began levelly, grinning a little. "It worked out in my favor as well.. A grown man eating ice cream alone is a bit of a sad sight, wouldn't you agree?" Q finished, his dark eyes flashing with mischief- but only for a moment, for in the next he was right back to his more business like posture. "Absolutely. After you." He gestured forward, stepping back to give Natalie enough space to walk toward the counter.

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